Facial Recognition On Phones Causing Face Shame


CUPERTINO, CA – Apple’s Face ID and other facial recognition software, which uses your face to unlock your phone, has a serious flaw; when you first wake up your phone can’t detect your face because not everyone wakes up looking flawless.

“Every morning, my iPhone refuses to recognize that my puffy face is actually my face, and I have to unlock my phone with the passcode, and frankly it is a humiliating neg to wake up to!” said a tweet by Connie Wang, Senior features writer at Refinery29.

There have been a lot of hilarious complications with AI and accurately recognizing the same image.  For instance the internet meme of “Puppy or Muffin”:








“Why do they even have facial recognition if it’s just going to face shame you when it doesn’t work?” asked a despondent Vikki Bowes, barrista at Joe Cool’s coffee in Cupertino.  “I mean, it’s basically reminding me every morning that I look bloated and unattractive and no one will ever want me!”

A simple solution may be to have the facial recognition software store multiple pictures of users at different times of the day and match against respective ones based on what time it is.

“Seems simple but the damage is done,” says Bowes. “every time I look at my phone I feel humiliated, thanks a lot Apple!”