Blockbuster Video Down to One Store…And Nobody Cares

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

BEND, OR – If you love high desserts, hiking trails, hipsters and ridiculously high late fees then Bend, Oregon is the place for you!  Bend not only is one of the most serene places on Earth it has the distinction of being the last place on Earth you can rent a movie from Blockbuster Video.

“What’s blockbuster video?” asked an inquisitive zennial Sierra Mathews.  “I’ve lived in Bend my whole life and never set foot in any store named blockbuster.  Why do you need to go to a store to rent a move when you can get it for free from Bittorrent or a jailbroken Amazon Fire stick?”

Good question Sierra!

“I don’t believe technology killed Blockbuster,” said Alfie-Lee Hudson, editor of magazine.  “I think it was the $7 a day late fees and crappy customer service.”

Whether you ever heard of Blockbuster Video or not one thing is for sure people seem more choked up over the loss of Toys ‘R Us closing than Blockbuster.

“Why would you go to a store to buy toys?” asked an inquisitive zennial Sierra Mathews.