Elon Musk Creates Another Billion Dollar Company While Helping Save Trapped Thailand Boys Soccer Team


THAM LUANG CAVE, THAILAND – Elon Musk accidentally created yet another billion dollar company this weekend while trying to help save the boys soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand.

“I really wasn’t trying to create another business,” said an exhausted Musk who is already the CEO of billion dollar companies SpaceX, SolarCity, Tesla and the Boring Company.  “It’s just every time I wade into solving a very specific problem I end up discovering a solution to an even more universal problem.”

All Musk did was  redesign a SpaceX rocket tube to be used as a rescue device to save the boys from the underwater cave as a plan b, but then Musk realized it also has the potential to be used as a personal submarine or as an escape pod in space.

“I think I like the name EscapeX for the new company,” said an even wealthier Musk. “Kinda apropos for the moment,”