Amazon Prime Wardrobe Actually Doorway to Amazon Narnia


COUNTRYSIDE, UK – A hidden Amazon Easter egg has been revealed that when you wear any winter clothing from Amazon Prime Wardrobe you are transported to Amazon Prime Narnia.

“In Prime Narnia you never look old, all your clothes fit perfectly and everything you order is same day free shipping,” says Jadis Macready, Queen CFO of Amazon Prime Narnia.  “We love it when children try on our winter jackets and “Lamppost” brand clothing.”

“Most of our winter jackets are made with genuine Tumnus fawn and beaver skins,” says Fenris Ulf, director of product design.  “When you order from Amazon Prime Wardrobe you also get a free box of Turkish delights!”

At publishing over 200 people have reportedly gone missing only to be found minutes later raving about talking animals, mythological species, and sentient flora.