Smart Speakers Making Us More Rude

Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – In the 2nd most polite city in the United State, Keanu Forbes and his wife Misty raise their two boys to say please and thank you and to speak when spoken to.  Last December they purchased their very first Amazon Echo, a home smart speaker, and needless to say things have changed in their home for the worse.

“It’s like we’re living in a construction site,” says Misty Forbes.  “The boys no longer say please and thank you and instead just shout orders at me all day long.”

“Alexa!  Tell me a joke,” shouts 7 year old Braydon Forbes from the bathroom.  “Knock, Knock,” asks Alexa but before she can finish 4 year old James Forbes yells “Alexa, what’s the weather right now!”

School administrators have been complaining for some time of the a decrease in child politeness and registrations for online child etiquette classes have tripled in the last year.

“I don’t know what to do, I’m at my wits end,” says a teary-eyed Misty.  Asked if she would just get rid of the Echo Misty replied, “But I have my shopping list saved with Alexa and it’s so easy to get measuring calculations when I bake!”

At that same moment Keanu Forbes shouted across his living room.  “Alexa!  Make me a sandwich!”