Facebook’s Updated Privacy Policy Offers Profit Sharing For Your Personal Data


MENLO PARK, CA – Facebook, Inc. updated it’s privacy policy this week and the company now offers users the opportunity to make some coin from their personal data.

“We assume that most people don’t have a problem with us selling their data,” says Ellise Bowler, a Facebook Business Development Manager.  “They have a problem with Facebook keeping all the money from selling their personal data.”

Now Facebook will offer you different profit sharing options when you edit your privacy settings.

“The lowest tier compensates users for their basic biographic info on friends and family,” says Bowler.  “The most profitable Platinum tier will cover your daily latte habit in return for your personal data, friends, friends of friends, pet photos, political affiliation, shopping receipts and naming rights to your first born child.”

At publishing over 100 million users were automatically opted in to the Platinum tier without their knowledge.