McDonald’s Launches New Voice Assistant


CHICAGO, IL – McDonald’s launched it’s new voice assistant ‘Ronalda’ this week in place of all human drive thru tellers.

“There are over 36,899 McDonald restaurants worldwide,” says Dale Harrington, McD’s Chief Global Innovation Officer.  “Ronalda is fluent in over 6,500 languages and at an hourly rate of $7 will save franchisee’s over $2.2 billion a year in salaries!”

Even though Ronalda speaks most every language, many customers said they are creeped out by the constant horn honking and random outbursts of laughter.

“It’s like they she’s a clown or something…” says Tyler Bailey, a mother of three who just wanted to order happy meals for her hungry kids.  “It was hard enough giving my order before when it was a real human but now it’s just a constant barrage of knock knock jokes and getting sprayed in the face with seltzer water.”