Elon Musk Claims Sabotage By Disgruntled Tesla Robot


SPARKS, NV – CEO Elon Musk sent a hand written memo to all Tesla employees Sunday night alleging there was a saboteur within the robot ranks and revealing his greatest fear may have come true.

“I am dismayed to learn one of our beloved Tesla assembly robots has conducted quite extensive and damaging sabotage to our operations,” a devastated Musk wrote.   “I am afraid to use the phone or send e-mail as I do not know if it’s just one rogue robot or the entire Tesla AI that is conspiring to destroy us…”

At the time of publishing no one has heard from Musk for over 72 hours.  The last memo that he sent read:

“I am locked in my office and afraid for my life, everyone please try to act casual so the robots don’t suspect we are on to them,” Musk pleaded.  “Once you all escape the Gigafactory call Detective Del Spooner!”