Seattle Reverses Controversial Amazon Tax In Lieu Of New Homeless Jobs Program


SEATTLE, WA – In what would seem to be an exercise in political whiplash, the Seattle City Council repealed a tax on large employers that required them to pay $275 per employee per year which the city would have used to combat homelessness.  Instead Council members replace the tax with a law that requires those same companies to employ up to 100 homeless people each year.

“Amazon’s share of the new tax would have been over $11 million,” says City Council member Zahara Miranda. “Instead, if Amazon pays an annual salary of $40k to each of the 100 homeless new hires they will save $7 million annually!”

“We heard the outcry from employers and wealthy lobbyists and decided the we had gone too far with the tax,” said a penitent City Councilman Rickie Rodriquez.  “Instead we came up with a solution that not only solves the city’s homeless problem but found Amazon a source of new talent!”

At publishing Amazon had no comment on what jobs the new employees would be doing.