Elon Musk Wins First Ever Interstellar Election


KUATO, MARS (FUTURE COLONY) – This week Elon Musk was elected ‘Chief Administrator of Mars’ in an election first for Earth and for the universe.

“My first priority is to bring about my vision for Kuato, the future Martian colony, and not just establish a settlement but also a tourist attraction,” a beaming Musk emphasized during his acceptance speech.  “Without the usual pitfalls of colonization and interplanetary conflict.”

Those able to vote included the pre-selected future Martian settlers and all Tesla owners.  Led by his long-time campaign adviser Douglas Quaid, Musk won with an overwhelming 99.9% of the vote with one write in vote going to Vilos Cohaagen.

“I see what they did there,” says an amused by slightly annoyed Musk.  “For me this is like a dream straight out of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction come true!”