Netflix Announces Slate of 6 New Shows, All of Them, The Office


LOS GATOS, CA – In a bold move, streaming content distributor Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) has announced plans for adding six new Netflix Original Series content blocks. The hook is that all of them will be re-branding and remixes of the NBC hit show, The Office.

“Due to the success of nostalgic shows like ABC’s Roseanne, today’s consumers are really looking for comfortable, bingeable content in today’s confusing and somewhat terrifying media landscape,” says Netflix head of programming Sherylin Yee, “We’ve identified The Office as the number one choice for our viewers.”

Reruns of the sitcom, which ran from 2005 to 2013, consistently outperform other original content such as the critically acclaimed Stranger Things and 98% of Netflix’ target demographic aged 18-57 live in cities just like Scranton, Pennsylvania.

“It’s so exciting today to be able announce this full gamut of new programming, including ‘The Office but Just the Dwight Parts,’ ‘The Office but With All the Deleted Scenes Put Back,’ and my personal favorite, “The Office Re-Cut so Michael Never Leaves'” said Yee, “We really listened to what our loyal customers wanted, and we’re so pleased to be able to coddle their addiction to safe, non-threatening brain candy like never before.”

The three remaining versions of The Office are still tightly under wraps, but Yee hinted that some former stars may be involved, “Have you ever wanted to hear what Michael Lopez, key lighting grip for seasons 3 and 4 has to say about the show? Then stay tuned.”