Exercise Bike Startup Offers Riders A More Realistic Experience


CRESTED BUTTE, CO – Stationary exercise mountain bike startup Downhill.io now offers riders a more realistic downhill mountain biking experience by simulating riding over trees and rocks and making riders work harder to keep gravity at bay by throwing the rider off the bike when they make a fatal mistake.

“Live-streaming and on-demand races were just the beginning,” said Stepanie Utley, DownHill.io’s Chief Experience Officer.  “Our latest enhancement also ‘simulates’ the thrill of potentially life or limb threatening injuries.”

“We introduced more uncertainty into the ride through natural elements like bad trail conditions, weather related flash floods and wild bear attacks,” said a gleeful Shan East, Chief Engineer at DownHill.io.  “Our goal was to increase our riders thrill level and sense of accomplishment but also be true to the risks of actual downhill mountain biking.”

“Would you like to sign my leg cast?” Asked a trail hardened Utley, “I tried to float over a school bus that crashed over a cliff right in front of me and didn’t quite make it…”