Mass Exodus Out Of Silicon Valley


SILICON VALLEY, CA – There has been a mass exodus of people out of Silicon Valley over the past year due to a pandemic housing crisis.

“We’re calling them housing crisis refugees. They’ve had to sleep on friends’ couches and eat forgotten food from their employers break room refrigerators,” exclaimed a concerned Mayor Angel Merkela of neighboring Germanium Valley.   “We knew we needed to help so we started sending aid workers into Silicon Valley to rescue as many as we could.”

So far over 10,000 refugees have made their way across the border into Germanium Valley.

“It was a tough decision to pick up and head east,” says Mellissa Shockley, a Python developer and housing refugee who was recently hired at  “But once I got here I realized that I didn’t have to change my culture or learn a new language so it’s not been so bad.”

“Some say we should limit the number of refugees we take in,” Mayor Merkela lamented. “But I believe compassion comes before community.”