New Emoji AI Will Decide Which Emoji A Person Will See


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – A new Android emoji update released earlier this week includes hidden code that effectively acts as emoji AI or artificial intelligence that may override the emoji that someone sends you so as not to upset or trigger you.

“We realized that no matter how many variations of emojis we allow it’s a quantifiable fact that what the person sending the emoji intends for it to mean and what the person receiving it interprets it to mean are never the same,” says lead Android developer Gerald Haimo who has been working on Project Eleos for over two years.  “Instead of creating more and more nuanced emojis we just decided that robots can decide for them.”

Project Eleos AI determines, with 99.9999% certainty, which emoji to use that is the most likely not to hurt the other person’s feelings based on scanning the person’s facial expression through the rear facing camera on their phone along with the using a sentiment analysis of the text of the message.

“Hey, if it keeps me from getting thrown in jail then I’m all for it,” Zareen Floriane a Humbio major at Stanford University said.  “I hear about some poor teenager in New York City that got arrested for sending a poop emoji or something to the mayor.”  So far no one has complained to Android support about hurtful emojis since the launch.

“We’ve also created an Easter egg ‘sarcastic’ emoji that only the AI has the ability to display!” exclaimed an excited Haimo.