Epic In-Air Drone Delivery Robbery Is Just The Beginning

Forum News Service

IVERSON RANCH, CA – The great drone delivery robbery of 2018 happened this week over the skies of Chatsworth, CA.  A series II Hollister, Inc stagecoach delivery drone nicknamed ‘Boots’ was surrounded by a swarm of Quinlan Technologies bandit gang drones in a heist worth over $150K.  The outlaw drones made off with the goods and shot down ‘Boots’ in a chilling act of cold blooded murder.

“It’s like the wild west out there,” a distraught Con Hollister President of drone startup Hollister, Inc said.  “Boots was like a child to me.  I’m offering a reward of $10K dollars to anyone who can bring those outlaw drones to justice!”

At the time of publishing more than two dozen drone posses were seen flying over San Fernando Valley.  “If those outlaw drones are out there we’ll find ’em and hang ’em high. I’ve got six more drones in my swarm,” said a confident deputy drone operator going only by the name ‘Blondie’.  “Every drone makes it’s own tune.”