Bike Share Company Not Ignoring Fact That 20 Million People Can’t Ride A Bike


BOSTON, MA – Urban startup bike share company sees a an opportunity where others see a big problem.  More than 12 percent of Americans in the Northeast say they don’t know how to ride a bike and all of them live in the city.

“I don’t see it as a problem no,” said Davit Djordje,’s Director of Client Success.  “First, people complained it was unsafe to ride a bike in the city so we lobbied local governments to install millions of miles of bike lanes, now people are saying the real problem is they just don’t know how to ride a bike so we’ve used our big brains to solve that too!”

Davit is talking about their new partnership program between potential customers and those customer’s parents.  “We are effectively paying their parents to do what they should have done years ago; teach their kids how to ride a bike,” David says proudly.  “We’re strengthening our community and in turn increasing the market cap for our product!”

Next up for is a new venture called  “People love biking to work so much that we just assumed they would love swimming to work too!” exclaimed an excited Robert Chukwudi,’s Senior Product Manager.  “Once we lobby the city to install swim lanes on every street we’ll be the first to market a first of it’s kind healthy and car-free way to get around town!”

Asked about the fact that only 50% of Americans can swim and they all live in rural or suburban communities representatives for had no comment.