WhyWait.ly Credit Lending Marketplace Invests In Self-Storage


SAN JOSE, CA – WhyWait.ly, the instant credit lending marketplace app, has invested $1.6 billion in self-storage companies over the past year.

“We realized our customers have an insatiable impulse to buy things that they don’t have the money for and that’s what makes WhyWait.ly the ideal instant credit lending service,” says Athanas Hasan, WhyWait.ly’s Chief Marketing Officer. “But through extensive user research we also realized that our customers buy so much stuff that they also have no place to put it,” Hasan said mildly amused.

Dani Luka, a social media intern at WhyWait.ly, had the aha moment one morning while complaining to his coworkers that he had no place to store the Shimano road bike he bought last month on WhyWait.ly credit now that he’s moved on and purchased a Wet Woody stand up paddle board.  “I can only afford a 400 square foot studio apartment in Silicon Valley University, CA so I don’t have enough room for my paddle board and bike and 70″ flat screen television and SeaClear 50 gallon aquarium and…”, Dani Luka lamented.

“Along with the unnecessary product warranty add-on during check out we can now offer a self-storage add-on as well,” Hasan exclaimed, “We’ve already earned enough revenue from self-storage that we’re looking at acquiring classified startup LetGo and producing an original series on Netflix called YOLO”.