Tech Company Transforms Office Space Into Mother’s Basement To Attract Top Talent

Flickr / Sage Ross

SILICON VALLEY, CA – Startup company Inc has completed a six month renovation of their corporate headquarters in order to retain and attract top talent.  The renovation included removing the yoga studio, basketball court and yogurt bar and transforming the open space into a replica of a coder’s moms’ basement.

“One of our biggest challenges was convincing the best talent to come work for us,” head of HR Daria Mahine said.  “Once we realized that programmers weren’t used to working in energetic and bright environments we did a 3 month ethnographic field study to find out what their ideal work space looked like.”

What Daria found was that developers prefer the dank, dark, musty environment of their parents basement.  “Not only has it helped us poach programmers from Facebook and LinkedIn but our existing teams are developing ten times faster!” Daria said.

The new design covered over the floor to ceiling windows with wood paneling, installed carpet over the Brazilian hardwood floors and strategically placed used pizza boxes and cases of Mountain Dew throughout.  “We’ve even re-purposed old couches we found thrown out on the side of the road,” Daria exclaimed proudly.