New App detects How Drunk You Are Based On Your Social Media Activity


GREEN BAY, WI – America’s drunkest city now has another app that can notify you when you’ve had one too many., the latest app by Dos Bros Studios, detects your blood alcohol level based on your phone’s social media activity, deletes your most recent social media posts and locks you out of your phone so you mitigate the damage from drunk dialing, drunk texting and drunk selfies.

“This new app is the byproduct of much first-hand user testing,” says Tyr Osvald,’s Chief Innovation Officer.  “Basically we’ve all been there.  You’re out with your boys and you start texting your ex-girlfriend and posting d*ck pics to your Instagram feed,” Osvald admitted proudly, “and sometimes you just need an app that will intervene on your behalf when you reach that point where you shouldn’t drive or text or take selfies anymore.”

“We’ve received an astonishing 100% Net Promoter Score and 5 out of 5 ratings from all app stores,” says Bari Giobbe,’s VP of Marketing.  “We believe that helping people keep their dignity, their jobs and their spouses are challenges that affect all of us at some point if you live long enough.”